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Hypnotherapy Against Kleptomania

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Have you heard of someone caught stealing things? It surely is kind of embarrassing. But, to steal things due to a compulsive need is different, and something more serious. Such psychological condition or more precisely, disorder, is called kleptomania.

According to experts, it has nothing to do with needing the item. Rather, the act has something to do with trying to fill a gap in an individual's life. If you think kleptomania is the means to solve a personal problem, think again. It just adds to it. Contrarily, you can overcome the disorder with a safe and proven method, hypnotherapy Adelaide.

Kleptomaniacs or kleptos for short, as those afflicted are called, don't have the power to resist the urge to steal. Much as they don't want to, but the sufferer of said disorder steal items for reasons other than personal use or financial gain.

Without a doubt, individuals caught in such an embarrassing situation only gets them into trouble. If you're the one, you can lose your dignity, even your personal security, if caught in the act.

Kleptomania Vs. Shoplifting

You might think a simple shoplifting is already kleptomania but, these two are entirely different from each other. While the disorder is compulsive and impulsive, shoplifting on the other hand, is generally well-planned. A shoplifter takes things for personal use or monetary gain.

Kleptomania can just take you by surprise and when it occurs, it's like there's something forcing you to take items that take your fancy. Studies show that kleptomaniacs are more tempted to steal if they are likely to be caught. It is likened to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

How To Determine

You will know its kleptomania by observing the following symptoms:
1. Giving in repeatedly to the impulse of getting objects that are not needed personally or not for its monetary value;
2. Tension is experienced just before thieving; and
3. Feelings of gratification, pleasure and thrill are felt during and after the act.

How To Overcome
Obviously, hypnotherapy in Adelaide can help in breaking the bonds of kleptomania. Under a hypnotic trance, you will feel deeply relaxed and be susceptible to the suggestion of 'stop stealing'.

The hypnotherapy SA session, giving a deep relaxation and enjoyment, will train your mind to 'move out' of the theft trance at will. Thus, it liberates you from kleptomania for good.

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