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3 Surprising Lessons A Musician Can Teach You

A musician's life is not that easy. Struggles are there – putting them down, tempting them to let go, and discouraging them to persevere. It might be easy for you to think that the journey isn't a big deal. Nonetheless, there is truly more to it than meets the eye.

My overweight sister, who currently is in Adelaide to undergo hypnotherapy for weight loss, complimented me last week for being a musician. I just don't know why. She just said that she learned the advantages of being a musician while taking up hypnotherapy courses in Adelaide.

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Until now, I am puzzled on why she said such as thing. Nevertheless, here are 3 personal lessons that a musician, like me, can teach you:

1. Passionate, Disciplined, Dedicated, and Focused

Mastering an instrument never happens over night! Hence, musicians remain faithful to their instrument and are able to take the long haul (whatever happens!). However, if you think practising an instrument is always fun, you're wrong. The truth is, there are times that musicians still practice even on days when they're not feeling well.

What pushes them? Their passion and dedication. It's believing that all the hard work will pay off someday!

2. Being in a team or a group is more powerful than being alone

Truth be told, “No man is an island.” This concept has been proven by numerous individuals, musicians or not. Musicians know that they need a group or somebody that can teach them to become “great”. They simply know that the world they're living with is tough and sometimes unfavourable hence the need of another.

3. Don't be afraid to err! Let go of past mistakes and move on

Musical artists know how to let go of past mistakes and still keep on playing. Of course, they hate it; that's why  they opt to forget and learn from them instead.

If they commit error in the middle of a show, the music must go on, regardless! This too then applies to life in general. It's like letting go of the moment, then reviewing what happened to avoid any unfaithful circumstances in the future.

Nevertheless, they still love to take a risk and aren't afraid to commit mistakes especially if it aims to boost their knowledge, skills, and musical repertoire.

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Never forget to apply these 3 lessons in your life. You've been presented; embrace these!

Thanks to my sister. Best of LUCK to her sessions in hypnotherapy in Adelaide and hypnosis product.

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