Sunday, February 8, 2015

3 Ways on How to Quit Binge Drinking and Other Addictions

Substance dependency, also known as addiction or substance abuse, is something like a sneak thief. You take that first step - “just this once” - and soon, you start taking more and more of the drug. Thing is, the culprit isn't always illegal drugs; there are some cases of people becoming addicted to prescription and over-the-counter drugs. 

The good news is, no matter how long you've been dependent on the substance, whatever it is, you can stop relying to function well in everyday life. Plus, you can do it without having to join a group, or getting medication to help with cravings. There are natural ways, such as hypnosis to stop drug addiction, that can help you kick addiction to the curb. 

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1. Make obstacles. The harder it is for you to feed your addiction, the less you'll give in to a craving during the day, and you'll gradually wean yourself off the substance.

For instance, if you smoke, you can pare down the number of sticks you smoke a day by bringing only a few, rather than bringing a whole pack. Carry only enough cash on you for transportation and food, so you're not tempted to buy a bottle of gin. 

2. Find a hobby. The less idle time you have in a day, the less likely it is that you'll look for that substance or drug that has you in its grip. Whatever hobby you pick up, keeping busy will keep your mind occupied, so you don't obsess over where you'll get your next fix.

If you already have several hobbies, choose one or two of them that would require your full attention, so you can turn your thoughts away from the drug whenever a craving hits.

3. Break a sweat. Exercise is an effective anti-depressant and stress reliever, so you get a mood boost each time you go for a run or hit the gym. Since you're not relying on the drug to make you feel better, you won't have as many urges once you start adding exercise to your routine.

These aren't foolproof methods, since it isn't a one-size-fits-all deal. If you need to see someone to help you learn how to quit binge drinking Adelaide and a friend doesn't, that's fine. What matters in the end is that you recover, and get your life back in the process.

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