Sunday, February 1, 2015

Learn How to Stop Being Anxious and More: 5 Ways to Thrive, not Just Survive

Many self-help books today present a difference between surviving and thriving – and the thing is, it isn't just self-help authors. The dictionary itself defines both differently. To survive is “to remain alive or in existence”; to thrive means “to grow, flourish, or make steady progress”.

If you've decided that you want to thrive, rather than simply surviving, then good for you. But, beyond learning, say, how to stop being anxious hypnosis Adelaide, what can you do? In what other ways can you live life to the fullest, for you, so you 'flourish'? 

1. Nix on the excuses. Do you usually take the easy way out because other options seem too hard, or might take too much time? If you're afraid of failing, that's okay. But, if it means you make excuses not to even try, it's your loss.

In short, don't be afraid to try something new; and if you fail, you can always try again.

2. Cancel anxiety. If you keep worrying, you'll keep seeing the shadows instead of the light. Pondering what might have been and many “what ifs” can keep you from living in the present. Look on the bright side of things, at opportunities instead of obstacles.

3. Look at the long-term. Do you always get food to go because it's more convenient? Or you turn down longer hours at work because you're dead tired and want to rest? The extra pay could have been gone to a 2-week vacation. All that fast food wouldn't have gone to your waistline.

It takes some practice, but soon you'll be able to weigh pros versus cons when it comes to long-term comfort, success, or what have you.

4. Focus on strengths. If you worry too much about your weaknesses, your strengths will slowly get whittled away. Look at the qualities you like about yourself. Acknowledge your weaknesses, but don't make them the reason you won't succeed.

5. Strengthen your mind. Your mind dictates how you see things, so strengthen it so it sees things differently. Hypnotherapy South Australia is one way to help you let go of perceptions that are holding you back instead of pushing you forward.

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