Thursday, January 22, 2015

3 Great Ways to Make New Year's Resolutions Easier to Keep

Can you still call it a New Year's resolution when it's simply a rehash of what you tried to change about you the previous year? If you simply renew your resolve to achieve a certain goal each year, you're not alone. Many people find it hard to keep their resolutions for longer than a few weeks.

Fortunately, there are ways you can successfully adopt new, more helpful habits, such as sticking with a weight reduction program resolution for a healthy lifestyle. So, keep these in mind, and you'll be setting new goals for yourself when the next year rolls around. 

1. Skip the long list.
Having a lot of resolutions – ten or more, for example – gives you a lot of goals to work towards. Instead of motivated, you may soon feel as though you'll never accomplish any of them, so your commitment to each one will slowly die off.

Instead, have 2 or 3 major goals that you believe you can achieve – realistically. A similar principle is used in hypnotherapy and other related practices. Thus, believing something is within reach makes it easier to motivate yourself to get it.

2. Make it meaningful. If finding a significant other isn't high on your list of priorities, you can't very well keep a resolution to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, can you? Likewise, if it's important for you to stay in touch with loved ones, you'll always find a way to do so.

Instead of completely abandoning a resolution that you don't care for, try to reword it so it means something to you. For instance, you don't like the thought of more exercise, but you'd love to fit into the jeans you bought 2 years ago.

3. Break it down. Look at your resolutions and make a list of short-term goals for you to work towards all through the year, to make reaching the long-term goal seem less difficult.

For instance, changing your diet of mostly meat can seem daunting. But, if you aim to eat an additional serving of fruits and vegetables consistently for a month, it'll seem like less work. After all, what's one more apple?

If you need more help, you can form a support group with friends, or simply browse online for, say, tips for a healthy new year Adelaide. Just remember to go slow, so the changes are easier to stick with.

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