Monday, January 12, 2015

4 Helpful Suggestions On How To Create The Life You Want

If you’re starting to ask yourself questions like “Who am I”, and “What’s my purpose in life?”, then perhaps you’re still in search of the “ideal life”.  But, what is the ideal life, and what steps should we take to make it a reality? Creating the ideal life however, may not be an easy task. So, if you haven’t figured it yet, here are 4 helpful suggestions on how to create the life you want.

Envision A Happy Life

Even if it’s a very busy day, take time to be alone for a few minutes.  Close your eyes and spend a couple of minutes envisioning, or imagining what a happy life looks like to you.  According to motivational speakers and clinical hypnotherapists Adelaide, don’t write anything on paper, instead, let your thoughts and imagination fly.

You can think about – “How much time do I spend working?”  How much time do I spend on my hobbies? What does the rest of my daily schedule look like? What are my immediate and long-term plans?  While you don’t need to get everything crystal-clear, the real objective here is to get your thoughts started.

Arrange & Prioritize

If you’ve already got a shortlist of what you envision as part of a happy life, it’s now time to sort the list and prioritize. While the priority list need not be exact and too specific, the main idea is to identify, and start taking action, on the priority items on your list.

Replace The Pursuit of Materialism With The Pursuit of Generosity

While so many people are just too engrossed with the pursuit of money and materialism, the truth is that the key to a truly happy life should include a commitment to serve others, and engage in the pursuit of generosity and contribution.

While it’s still okay to become financially successful, the key to living a full and happy life lies in putting more focus on what you can contribute to the community, and for the greater good of humanity. By zooming your focus on what you can contribute, you automatically become successful. 

Foster A Learning Environment

If you ask the monks living in seclusion, perhaps they’ll tell you that the ideal life is dependent on your commitment to learning, growth and continuous implementation. Life-long learning leans on the principles of social service and personal development. It’s because the economic and social progress of a nation is often dependent on the combined skills and knowledge of its citizens.

To live the ideal happy life, health and wellness (as well as hypnotherapy South Australia) advocates say that the ideal life requires ongoing growth, and gratitude ensures growth. Why? Well, gratitude helps expand your awareness, as well as your interaction with the world around you.

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