Wednesday, January 21, 2015

3 Useful Tips on How to Talk to Your Boss With Confidence

To be confident during conversations, you might think it's all about the words you say or about knowing and understanding the purpose of your message. You think that it's about being knowledgeable about the subject and delivering it in your own way. Unfortunately, it's not all about that.

A friend of mine, currently undergoing hypnotherapy for weight loss in Adelaide believes that confidence comes from within – usually accompanied by countless factors. But it doesn't mean it's always 'burning inside.' There would be times when it suddenly shuts down, just like conversations with your boss! (Horrible!)

When confidence seems to fall down,  it could definitely freak you out! Remember your job! Your career! So, forget about the 'power words' first. Here are 5 tips on how to talk with confidence to your superior.
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1. Think that you're EQUAL

Not about the position. It's about the fact that both of you are HUMANS! Don't think your boss has some magical powers that could transform you to a rabbit in an instant! He's not someone powerful or immortal. He's just someone who has that position. Period.

During conversations, prove that you've garnered the title to be a prominent member of the firm like he has. Always pay respect and think that you really belong in his team. You can do this by asking permission to enter his office and by speaking without waiting the order to speak up. (Be Brave)

2. Don't forget the eye contact
This one is definitely a powerful body language tool. Use this efficiently by not looking up, down or to the side – conveys uncertainty. Be mindful while having the talk. Don't lose eye contact especially when you're explaining something. It will make you incredibly confident. Trust me!

3. Always keep your hands visible

Maybe, you're hiding them at the back. Sometimes, you put them in your side pockets. Are you hiding something? (Imagine the picture?)

Hands are efficient weapons in displaying confident body language. If you're standing, use them artfully. There are countless hand gestures like “The Dialectic” and “The Critical Whirl.” Use them wisely.

Final Words   

It's not only you who have this fear. Share this article to your buddies! My friend has been sharing this while having hypnotherapy south Australia. What about you? Good luck!

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