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3 Tips on How to Quit Binge Drinking

Binge drinking may be a milder form of alcohol dependency, but it's still a habit that can eventually lead to alcoholism – which, obviously, is bad news. It's usually characterised as being reliant on drinking to get through parties and other social situations, or regularly drinking just to get drunk.

Other signs of binge drinking are hiding the number of drinks you've had, regularly blacking out with no memory of what happened, or else always wanting “just one more drink”. Those who want to get the habit under control turn to hypnosis to help binge drinking Adelaide, or other methods.

After all, the effects of too much alcohol aren't just physical, but emotional and mental as well. People caught driving while drunk lose their license. Others experience sleeping problems, or else suffer from bouts of depression. So, what can you do to make sure you get your drinking under control, short of quitting cold turkey?
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1. Make it last. If you take a huge gulp every minute or so, you won't feel the effects until your 4th drink or more. You could in fact be tricking your body into thinking you need more than 2 drinks to get a certain buzz. Plus, you're building your tolerance level, which makes the problem worse.

Instead, train yourself to take just a sip every minute – nurse the drink, in other words – to make it last longer. Try staying away from the bar and moving around, to give yourself something to do. 

2. Keep a drink diary. Taking note of when you drink, what caused you to reach for a beer, and how you were feeling will help you pinpoint your triggers. This will go a long way towards you being able to wean yourself off alcohol.

For instance, if you tend to drink more when stressed or angry, force yourself to get up and go for a brisk walk or a light jog every time something gets you steamed up.

3. Get in deep. Maybe you still can't identify what made you drink so much that one night, or you're unsure if your triggers really are what cause you to hunt for the bottle. If your attempts to control your drinking aren't working, you may want to seek professional help.

See a hypnotherapist, for instance, so you can uncover the real reason and learn, eventually, how to quit binge drinking Adelaide.

Monday, January 26, 2015

5 Tips to Keep that Weight Loss Plan for 2015

Every year, the first month or so sees a flurry of resolutions, ranging from the every-day to truly life-changing ones, like saving more towards retirement or getting more exercise. Unfortunately,  the majority of these resolutions are broken towards the middle of the year, or even earlier than that.

One of the common resolutions include health and weight loss – which comes as no surprise, with obesity practically a worldwide epidemic these days. It's a good thing, then, that there are tips for a healthy new year Adelaide you can follow, to help make it easier for you to keep this resolution.

1. Talk about it. Keeping a resolution a secret, especially one that involves getting into shape, can make it harder to keep. After all, you can't always say 'no' to your colleagues' lunch invites. That way, you're not setting yourself up for failure.

2. Write it down. Some people find it easier to stick to something if they see the pros and cons written down. Writing down your reasons for wanting to lose weight may also help you. Other people – your relatives, for example, can contribute to that list, and help you keep your resolve in the long run.

3. Be S.M.A.R.T. Using a general statement makes it hard for you to know if you're making progress or not. Instead, you need to make sure your weight loss goal is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based.

Instead of saying or writing “I'll lose weight this year,” try “I will lose a pound every week, or at least 40 pounds by the end of the year.” Knowing how much you lose on a weekly or monthly basis will help you refine your goals in this respect.

4. Keep track. You don't need to weigh yourself religiously, especially since the scale isn't always the best indicator of whether or not you're getting into shape. Once a week, even just twice a month is okay.

5. Reward yourself. Perhaps you can treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, or visit a spa for some well-earned relaxation when you lose a certain amount of weight. This will make weight loss seem less an ordeal and more of a long-term process.

Whatever rewards you choose to give yourself when you reach short-term goals, make sure they don't make you break your weight loss plan for 2015 Adelaide.

5 Stress Relief Tips for a Healthy New Year

When it comes to keeping New Year's resolutions, it's important that the changes to your habits stick, otherwise you go back to square one, or else start going back in that direction. This returning to 'default mode' can be triggered by stress.

This would have you not only acting on autopilot, but also has negative effects on your health. So it would make sense to include stress management in a list of tips for a healthy new year Adelaide. Here are several ways you can relieve or handle stress better this year.

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1. Take a whiff. Certain scents are connected with stress relief, so use a little rock salt and a few drops of your chosen essential oils. Choose from rosemary, thyme, lavender, rose, and peppermint. Put the rock salt and essential oils in a small phial, and take a few deep breaths every time you need to calm yourself.

2. Be proactive. Instead of playing the victim, or wondering why something happened, look for solutions. Stewing about the problem rather than taking action actually can lead to you feeling more stressed.

3. Take a break. According to experts, the maximum length of time any one can work at their best is 15 minutes. Keep stress from building up by working for that long, and then taking a short break – about 5 minutes – before going back to your task

Do something mindless in that time, like looking at cute pictures or reading jokes. You can also let your imagination go and imagine a dream vacation.

4. Cuddle. A furry companion – a puppy, cat, gerbil, and so on – in your arms is a powerful form of stress relief that can also help lower your blood pressure. If you don't have a pet of your own, cuddle a friend's.

5. Munch on something. Snacks like pretzels and crackers are high in carbs, which help to release the feel-good chemical serotonin. This then helps your stress levels drop. Just be sure to watch your portions, or you may find yourself feeling stressed because of heavier weight.

Keeping these stress-reduction tips in mind is sure to help you feel less pressured and overwhelmed, making it easier for you to stick with your healthy habits for the new year Adelaide.

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Take the Adelaide Health Management Program for 2015

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Happy new year Surely you've attended parties, consumed and drank without a care for tomorrow. Now, here's the problem – how in the world can you make up for it and get back on track?

Below, you'll read an Adelaide Health Management Program for 2015 created by famous health experts from the capital city of South Australia.

Don't miss your breakfast

This may be a cliché but it remains to be a healthy and important advice. Studies revealed that consuming more calories at breakfast and lesser at dinner can help you drop more pounds. With a large and healthy breakfast, you can initiate your body's metabolism and avoid feeling hungry in the morning. Moreover, it provides more time to burn calories.

Eating in small frequent portions is better than 3 large meals

Does this seem difficult for you to do? Here's a great tip – use smaller plates, cups and bowls! Through this approach, you get to make your food portions look smaller. It's unwise to eat foods directly from the food package or even from large plates and bowls as it becomes hard for you to measure how much food you've consumed. Using a teaspoon is also recommended.

Avoid the grocery store or the cafeteria when you're hungry

This may take practice when you're not much of a planner, but always have a shopping list and make sure you stick to it. Cooking your own meals is also a good idea rather than buying foods in the cafeteria. This lets you control the size of your food. Another fact is that foods in restaurants tend to have more fats and calories.

Increase water intake

Instead of drinking coffee, soda or beer, go for water. Water has zero calories and enables you to quench your thirst without the fear of gaining weight.

Set an appointment to a credible hypnotherapist

This may seem new to most individuals, but make it a New Year's Resolution to try hypnotherapy. Reputable hypnotherapists have been known to help countless people lose weight minus the risk of infection from surgical procedures. This may require you to spend money, but it's a cheaper and better alternative compared to liposuction or gastric band surgery. It's completely safe as well.

This 2015, commit to a weight reduction program resolution for a healthy lifestyle and do your best not to cheat. After several months, you'll be glad with the results. You'll even inspire other people to lose weight following the program you used.

Depressing Facts & Figures About Smoking That The Tobacco Companies Won’t Tell You

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An addiction is defined as the unhealthy relationship between substances (such as alcohol, smoking drugs) or behaviors (gambling, porn) where the person uses more than they’d like to use, and continue using despite the harmful consequences. Perhaps smoking should also be defined as an addiction, because once you start smoking, it’s so tough to kick the habit. Here are a few disturbing facts about smoking that the tobacco companies won’t tell you.

A Single Cigarette Stick Contains A Lot Of Terrifying Chemicals

If you look at the studies made by health experts (and even by your local clinical hypnotherapist Adelaide), on the different chemical compounds and ingredients placed into a single cigarette stick, perhaps you’ll be so afraid to light up again. It’s because cigarette smoke contains hydrogen cyanide, radioactive lead, polonium and benzene and others, which are all cancer-causing ingredients.

Second-hand smoke has also been noted to contain more than seventy cancer-causing chemicals, of which eleven are listed as Group 1 carcinogens. The smoke from a burning cigarette also has higher levels of toxins as compared to the smoke exhaled by the individual. And don’t you know that half of the people who have undergone lung cancer surgery recover, and reach for a pack again?

Mental Illness Goes Hand in Hand With Nicotine Addiction

A study conducted by the Indiana University School of Medicine in the US notes that certain types of mental illnesses go in tandem with addiction to nicotine. Just like butter and toast, cigarettes could also go hand in hand with depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorders and others.

The average population of smokers all over the world today is between 20 to 25 percent. What’s frightening is that 75 to 90 percent of people who suffer from schizophrenia are smokers, while 70 to 80 percent of patients with bipolar disorder are smokers too.

There’s Technology To Remove Nicotine, But Cigarette Companies Don’t Use It

We all know that nicotine is the main ingredient which makes people get so hooked to smoking. Instead of removing nicotine, what cigarette makers do is increase the nicotine content. They even use advanced techniques to develop new chemical variants and manipulate nicotine levels.

Apart from going cold turkey or using a nicotine patch, another innovative but effective method to help people stop smoking is hypnotherapy South Australia. In a study made by the University of Ohio involving 5,600 participants, male smokers who underwent hypnosis treatment had cessation success rates of 20 to 30 percent, which is a bit higher than other treatment forms. So, join a hypnosis treatment session now, and successfully kick the smoking habit!

3 Great Ways to Make New Year's Resolutions Easier to Keep

Can you still call it a New Year's resolution when it's simply a rehash of what you tried to change about you the previous year? If you simply renew your resolve to achieve a certain goal each year, you're not alone. Many people find it hard to keep their resolutions for longer than a few weeks.

Fortunately, there are ways you can successfully adopt new, more helpful habits, such as sticking with a weight reduction program resolution for a healthy lifestyle. So, keep these in mind, and you'll be setting new goals for yourself when the next year rolls around. 

1. Skip the long list.
Having a lot of resolutions – ten or more, for example – gives you a lot of goals to work towards. Instead of motivated, you may soon feel as though you'll never accomplish any of them, so your commitment to each one will slowly die off.

Instead, have 2 or 3 major goals that you believe you can achieve – realistically. A similar principle is used in hypnotherapy and other related practices. Thus, believing something is within reach makes it easier to motivate yourself to get it.

2. Make it meaningful. If finding a significant other isn't high on your list of priorities, you can't very well keep a resolution to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, can you? Likewise, if it's important for you to stay in touch with loved ones, you'll always find a way to do so.

Instead of completely abandoning a resolution that you don't care for, try to reword it so it means something to you. For instance, you don't like the thought of more exercise, but you'd love to fit into the jeans you bought 2 years ago.

3. Break it down. Look at your resolutions and make a list of short-term goals for you to work towards all through the year, to make reaching the long-term goal seem less difficult.

For instance, changing your diet of mostly meat can seem daunting. But, if you aim to eat an additional serving of fruits and vegetables consistently for a month, it'll seem like less work. After all, what's one more apple?

If you need more help, you can form a support group with friends, or simply browse online for, say, tips for a healthy new year Adelaide. Just remember to go slow, so the changes are easier to stick with.

Stop Workaholism - Get Healthy Again

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 It seems workaholism has become more massive today, what with the ever advancing technologies of the world. While making tasks a lot easier, using modern devices at work has seemingly made people more addicted. This is because more work opportunities come easy with just the touch of the button. They spend more time on the Internet, smartphones, tablets, laptops, which results to long term stress. That we know is a major factor in ill health.

If you're a workaholic, don't you think it's high time to include 'change' among your New Year resolutions health and wellness Adelaide? You can stop your addiction to work so that you can get your life back.

Sure, working hard has a great value, but working for the expense of your life? Come on... you're not a cat with nine lives! People work hard for years and when they 'get there', there's nothing. Instead what they get are health and more financial and other problems!

Yes, the collateral damage with workaholism is often inflicted on health, spouses, children, and friends. It has been noted that individuals who have an addiction to work most often disregard for their family, friends, things that they enjoy doing, sleep, and exercise due to this obsessive need for work. Further, their creativity, which helps a lot in their work life also declines.

After the Yuletide holidays, New Year’s resolutions are a good place to start for those interested to have a shift in their lives.

How Not To Let Your Work Life Affect Your Health

1. Eat for a reason. If you sense that work will be taking all of your hours, aim to eat reasonably and eat well. Experts advice workaholics to taking whole grain carbs that slowly burn energy all through the day. Complete it with almonds, avocados and oily fish since they provide healthy fats that are good for your heart. Always eat a good breakfast, the most important meal of the day. It will boost your cognitive function and energy levels to keep you on the go.

2. Take a holiday. When you're out somewhere, cut off all communications from the office so that you'll enjoy your much needed break. Moreover, free yourself from trivialities of daily life. If you can do it, you'll notice your immune system strengthens, the risk of heart disease is at bay.

3. Keep away from the phone. At least, for once, also stop checking emails and opening your social media. Anyway, these things can wait, but not your family.

If you want to get your life back, observe these healthy habits for the new year Adelaide. Let hypnotherapy be your tool.

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3 Useful Tips on How to Talk to Your Boss With Confidence

To be confident during conversations, you might think it's all about the words you say or about knowing and understanding the purpose of your message. You think that it's about being knowledgeable about the subject and delivering it in your own way. Unfortunately, it's not all about that.

A friend of mine, currently undergoing hypnotherapy for weight loss in Adelaide believes that confidence comes from within – usually accompanied by countless factors. But it doesn't mean it's always 'burning inside.' There would be times when it suddenly shuts down, just like conversations with your boss! (Horrible!)

When confidence seems to fall down,  it could definitely freak you out! Remember your job! Your career! So, forget about the 'power words' first. Here are 5 tips on how to talk with confidence to your superior.
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1. Think that you're EQUAL

Not about the position. It's about the fact that both of you are HUMANS! Don't think your boss has some magical powers that could transform you to a rabbit in an instant! He's not someone powerful or immortal. He's just someone who has that position. Period.

During conversations, prove that you've garnered the title to be a prominent member of the firm like he has. Always pay respect and think that you really belong in his team. You can do this by asking permission to enter his office and by speaking without waiting the order to speak up. (Be Brave)

2. Don't forget the eye contact
This one is definitely a powerful body language tool. Use this efficiently by not looking up, down or to the side – conveys uncertainty. Be mindful while having the talk. Don't lose eye contact especially when you're explaining something. It will make you incredibly confident. Trust me!

3. Always keep your hands visible

Maybe, you're hiding them at the back. Sometimes, you put them in your side pockets. Are you hiding something? (Imagine the picture?)

Hands are efficient weapons in displaying confident body language. If you're standing, use them artfully. There are countless hand gestures like “The Dialectic” and “The Critical Whirl.” Use them wisely.

Final Words   

It's not only you who have this fear. Share this article to your buddies! My friend has been sharing this while having hypnotherapy south Australia. What about you? Good luck!

Monday, January 12, 2015

4 Helpful Suggestions On How To Create The Life You Want

If you’re starting to ask yourself questions like “Who am I”, and “What’s my purpose in life?”, then perhaps you’re still in search of the “ideal life”.  But, what is the ideal life, and what steps should we take to make it a reality? Creating the ideal life however, may not be an easy task. So, if you haven’t figured it yet, here are 4 helpful suggestions on how to create the life you want.

Envision A Happy Life

Even if it’s a very busy day, take time to be alone for a few minutes.  Close your eyes and spend a couple of minutes envisioning, or imagining what a happy life looks like to you.  According to motivational speakers and clinical hypnotherapists Adelaide, don’t write anything on paper, instead, let your thoughts and imagination fly.

You can think about – “How much time do I spend working?”  How much time do I spend on my hobbies? What does the rest of my daily schedule look like? What are my immediate and long-term plans?  While you don’t need to get everything crystal-clear, the real objective here is to get your thoughts started.

Arrange & Prioritize

If you’ve already got a shortlist of what you envision as part of a happy life, it’s now time to sort the list and prioritize. While the priority list need not be exact and too specific, the main idea is to identify, and start taking action, on the priority items on your list.

Replace The Pursuit of Materialism With The Pursuit of Generosity

While so many people are just too engrossed with the pursuit of money and materialism, the truth is that the key to a truly happy life should include a commitment to serve others, and engage in the pursuit of generosity and contribution.

While it’s still okay to become financially successful, the key to living a full and happy life lies in putting more focus on what you can contribute to the community, and for the greater good of humanity. By zooming your focus on what you can contribute, you automatically become successful. 

Foster A Learning Environment

If you ask the monks living in seclusion, perhaps they’ll tell you that the ideal life is dependent on your commitment to learning, growth and continuous implementation. Life-long learning leans on the principles of social service and personal development. It’s because the economic and social progress of a nation is often dependent on the combined skills and knowledge of its citizens.

To live the ideal happy life, health and wellness (as well as hypnotherapy South Australia) advocates say that the ideal life requires ongoing growth, and gratitude ensures growth. Why? Well, gratitude helps expand your awareness, as well as your interaction with the world around you.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hypnosis Products For A New You

Start the year right with the right attitude. These simple steps and a hypnosis product will make 2015 your year – a more positive outlook, a healthier you, and the ability to cement the change and keep it forever.

Try these tips for a healthy new year  Adelaide:

Start eating organic. 

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Free-range meats. Antibiotic-free chickens. Fruits and vegetables without pesticides. These are the foundation of organic eating. Start the transition through buying more fruits and whole grains rather than opting for white bread, spreads, corn chips and sweet treats. Instead go for dried plums, raisins and carrot sticks to replace your snacks. Ensure you eat healthy everyday through securing a colourful plate – lots of greens, reds and oranges.

Start visiting a farmer's market near your area, and buy directly from them. Starting a windowsill garden of spices also is recommendable so that you get your spices directly from your kitchen. Eliminate processed foods starting with corn flakes, hotdogs and junk foods. Lessen your supply of canned goods, and opt to cook your meals instead.

Exercise everyday for at least 7 minutes.
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Most people forget that exercising, even if its just stretching, can be very beneficial in having a healthy lifestyle. You can start a fitness revolution at the comfort of your own home through downloading apps on your smartphone. Do push-ups, knee-ups, side dips and sit-ups. Studies show that a 7-minute exercise routine that includes cardio, core and strength training is important in keeping fit. Do walks in the afternoon, or take the stairs instead of the lift. Park the farthest from your office to increase muscle tension and movement.

Try conscious hypnosis.
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Conscious hypnosis is hypnosis for self-healing. Hypnosis can alter the way you think, the way you see things, and improve the overall outlook one has in life. When you are battling with depression, smoking or substance abuse, undergoing hypnotherapy can help in alleviating symtomps and focus on rehabilitation. Changing the way the subconscious deal with life-altering changes can determine how one's outlook in life will be. In Adelaide, weight reduction program resolution for a healthy lifestyle is a specialty to look forward to

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A Short History of Smoking

Smoking is dangerous to your health.

That alone  is a most popular pop culture cum warning cum advertisement precaution in the last century. And probably will span another century with how things are going. Cigarette smoking – in whatever form and face, whether its a high-end rolled, chilled, premium tobacco blend to the measly street cigarette sticks – is a life threat which has a list of adverse health effects spanning the length of an entire college thesis. While popular solutions to smoking, such as complete abandon and gradual cessation exists, those with a more severe case of addiction has to resort to other alternative treatments such as rehabilitation and indulging in some forms of healing yogas and/or a hypnosis product.
2015 New Year Health Goals Adelaide
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Where and when did smoking came to be?

A brief history

Smoking is suspected to have started way way back 5000 BC, and is believed to be a part of shamanistic rituals. These rituals requires an altered state to experience a “transcendental reaction” and smoking substances which induces these kind of reactions are the gateway to achieve the process.

Incense burning by ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians, Chinese, Romans and new-world America may have been the forefront of smoking. While the first presence of smoking was strictly used only for ritualistic activities, the practice may have gone down to becoming a social tool in expression and indulging – a part of social awakening alongside the prevalence of gladiators in Rome, orgies by the Greek and sexual proclivities by the Persians.

Another face of that history was the usage of incense and fumigation as part of healing procedures done mostly on patients who need operations. The presence of incense-healing sticks dates back at least 2000 years ago, and Aztec women are believed to be offered with smoking pipes and flowers before partaking on a feast.

Today, smoking is purely a social and pleasure tool – immortalised in media through various depictions in magazines, movies and the news. While its health card may certainly not be the cleanest, it's viability card is plenty enough to spawn many multi-national brands competing for market domination.

As a respite, modern regulations on tobacco smoking have been internationally mandated, and cigarette product boxes are mandated to show pictures of health consequences alongside the regular packaging. This, with the ever-increasing alternative solutions to quit the practice, for example, hypnosis for weight loss and smoking, paints a brighter picture of how smoking will be on the next century.