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3 Vitamins For Weight Loss

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Taking vitamins to induce weight loss may not be the most common way to shed the extra pounds, but certainly it's one that based scientifically.

In a study published on the International Journal of Obesity, popping a vitamin, whether multi or singular, can significantly help in losing body fat in the long-run. The vitamins in question were a generic multivitamin and calcium supplement. Coupled with a hypnosis product, some vitamins can kickstart a fat-burning regimen. And we are talking of legit vitamins here.

The body needs a certain amount of vitamin everyday to keep the body in balance. These vitamins function to boost the immune system, help in hormone production, transmit other vitamins throughout the body and more. The vitamin requirement of a person depends on his stature and weight.  Age is also a consideration.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is touted as the “eye vitamin”. While Vitamin A's main function in the body is to make the eyes adjust quickly on dim light, it is also a potent immune booster. Vitamin A is mostly found on the liver, and is excreted by the latter to different parts of the body where it is due. These parts commonly include the eyes, the immune system, the gut and occasionally, the skin.

Vitamin A, particularly one of its main components – beta carotene - helps in weight loss through zapping free radicals that roam the system. The more antioxidants present, the more it is likely for the body to reach its maximum fat-burning potential.

Vitamin D

Also called the sun vitamin, Vitamin D is now more than ever put into the spotlight because more and more people are found to have trace amounts of it in their bodies. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, and can be naturally acquired through healthy sun bathing. When exposed to the sun, the skin burns the outer layer of fat in our skin, and the process produces the vitamin.

Vitamin D is extremely helpful in immunity and is a powerful antioxidant. It can directly burn excessive fat when needed.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the skin vitamin. Its a powerful antioxidant that when paired with vitamin C, becomes a powerhouse of sorts in dealing with free radicals. Hypnotherapy for weight loss for example, uses a representation of vitamin E in the mind as a “vessel to picture out how the body burns fat.”

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