Wednesday, December 17, 2014

5 Proven Ways to Combat Self-Centredness

For sure, you're one of those who hate people who are only concern about themselves. You hate them for being selfish – thinking only of their own sake, or what others call, self-centred.

I remember my father whom I consider as the most compassionate individual I've known. His undying empathy for others has influenced me and his colleagues to go beyond the usual and see how hypnotherapy South Australia can be of help in the enrichment of the self.

The main problem here is what if you become self-centred? Anyway, here's what my father and his belief on hypnotherapy taught us. 

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1. Offer help

Offering help isn't that big of a deal. Nonetheless, for those who are self-centred, it's totally the other way around. It would be very hard for them to offer help even if they have money and time.

Never ever ignore helping people, especially those who really need help. Offer them something, which you think could help them.

2. Be a listener

Always listen and understand what others are saying. Listening carefully to other people shows that your concern and compassion towards their issues and stories. It helps you open your mind and become more attentive. It also helps you develop mindfulness and self-awareness.

3. Stay humble

Everyone hates people who are boastful – always on a bragging roll! If you can, avoid! Instead of talking, let them take notice. Bragging doesn't just make you look excessively cocky, it also makes you look childish.

4. Never compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others is definitely one of the most absurd things to do. It gives you an idea that you have to acquire a certain thing because somebody has it. If you think you're doing this, better stop it!

We have different lives. You don't have to compare yourself to others. It would be totally useless if you keep doing that. If your life isn't happy or productive like the way you expect it to be, do something about it. Move!

5. Try Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis Product

Hypnosis has the ability to switch your attention from yourself to other people. It can help you balance your thinking between your own needs and those of others. More so, it enables you to go beyond yourself.

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