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Zany & Creative Ways For Kicking The Smoking Habit

Of the many habits or addictions that are hard to break, smoking is perhaps the toughest to quit. It’s because cigarettes contain nicotine, a highly-addictive substance that’s naturally found in tobacco, that makes it a bit harder than the rest. Nicotine is notorious for quickly going up to the brain once inhaled, and it can induce temporary relaxation, as well as elevate your mood and heart rate.  But once the feeling’s gone, that’s when you start craving for another stick again. If you’ve run out of ideas on how to quit smoking, here are a couple of zany & creative ways on how to kick the habit, forever.

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Set A Quit Date
One of the best ways to quit smoking would be to set a QUIT date, and make it look like a contract, where you and a “witness” are to sign it. The witness could be your best friend, brother or sister, or spouse. Once that quit date comes, stop smoking and throw out everything that reminds you of smoking – matches, ashtrays, lighters, cigarette holders, leftover cigarettes and even  magazines that have smoking ads.

Stop Buying Cigarettes By Carton
If you’re thinking of how to easily quit smoking Adelaide, then perhaps if you can’t quit outright, then maybe it would help if you cut smoking one or two sticks at a time. This means that you should stop buying cigarettes by carton, and just buy a pack, and then carry two or three sticks at a time. This should slowly and progressively wean you from the habit.

Always Carry Healthy Snacks With You
If you’re slowly cutting the habit already, and suddenly you crave for an extra stick, it would help if you swing your focus to eating healthy snacks. Bring along with you sunflower seeds, celery or carrot sticks, or even cashew nuts and peanuts. Whenever you feel the urge to light up, pop and chew the nuts, seeds and veggie sticks, so you’ll get busy and forget the urge.

Get Hypnotized
Perhaps one of the most innovative methods for quitting smoking would be to attend a hypnotherapy South Australia session. In a recent study done by Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Texas, of the patients who underwent hypnosis over a two-month period, 40 percent had successfully quit.

A hypnosis product session can be very productive, because each activity will have an impact on the smoker. It’s effectiveness however, will largely depend on the patient’s willingness, as well as the expertise of the hypnotherapy practitioner. 

Hypnosis and quit smoking Adelaide advocates say that the other cool alternate methods for quitting smoking include practicing “mindful meditation”. By practicing mindful meditation with a CD, the individual can spend an average of 30 to 45 minutes meditating, and listening to the soothing and motivating messages or thoughts, anywhere and anytime.

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