Thursday, December 18, 2014

How To Stop Being Shy: 5 Ways to Stand Out in Your Own Way

Some people seem to have it easy when it comes to socialising, giving a speech, and other situations where the spotlight is on them. If you're one of those people, kudos to you! But, what if you're someone who'd rather retreat into a corner when faced with a social event? No need to fret, and even better, you can overcome that shy part of you.

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1. Visualise. Seeing a hypnotist to learn how to stop being shy and hypnosis Adelaide can help you picture yourself as sociable. Is speaking in front of audiences what makes your anxiety and shyness kick into high gear? Then you'll want to see yourself successfully giving a speech.

2. Focus outward. Sometimes, we feel shy or awkward in new situations because we believe people are judging us. The truth is, they're not! Try shifting your focus on something or someone else, instead of yourself. Think of something you can do to make someone's experience at a party, say, one that's more comfortable or enjoyable. 

3. Stand tall. Good posture doesn't just help keep your internal organs from getting squashed and promote proper breathing, but it's also good for how you project yourself. Often, a simple change in posture is enough to get you to not just look, but confidence.

It will also make you seem more open and approachable, so people are more likely to come up to you and talk.

4. Figure in triggers. Pinpointing the situations that make you feel awkward can help you learn how to work through them, and eventually overcome these 'triggers'. For example, you feel fine talking to colleagues, but you're all fidgety when talking to your boss. Be as specific as possible, then work out steps to help you handle those situations.

5. Don't compare. Even if you don't get the ball rolling at a party or other social event, you still have strengths someone else may not have. Comparing yourself to the guy who always has a joke to tell won't help you improve your own socialising skills. Instead, keep doing whatever it is you're good at when it comes to conversation.

Whether you see a hypnotist for hypnotherapy South Australia or you go it alone, remember that you can't conquer your shyness in one go. Again, it can be overcome, so be patient as far as results or changes go.

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