Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kiss Your Sweet Tooth Goodbye In Time For The Yuletide Season

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 Everyone of us has probably experienced having a strong appetite for sweet food, one time or another in our life. Children and young people are said to be the biggest sector of sweet tooth, but, most of them outgrow their sweet cravings as they mature.

If you have grown older now and still haven't overcome your sweet tooth, there maybe is something wrong. Check out your dietary practices as you may be having the wrong unhealthy eating habits. However, if the problem gets serious and you're intent to live healthy, why not try using a hypnosis product that lets you say goodbye to your sugar addiction?

A recent study done on teenagers reveals that eating a high protein breakfast increased the levels of the brain chemical 'dopamine', the 'feel-good' messenger responsible for regulating food intakes and cravings.

Researchers involved in the study state that if you consume a protein-rich breakfast, you'll have less cravings for food and will less likely to indulge in overeating later during the day. In the same study, the participants were known to have a dramatic reduction in their cravings for sweet food when they were given good breakfasts.

According to experts, one way to ditch your sweet tooth is to totally change your diet, if you possibly can. People who need professional help may need to undergo hypnotherapy Adelaide to help them overcome their addiction to sweets, with conviction and determination.

It is said that among the many reasons why people suffer sweet cravings,  one time or another, can be traced to a lack of 'something' in their diet. Nonetheless, when you eat breakfast that's high in protein, you'll notice a decline in your cravings for high fat foods. On the contrary, if you skip breakfast, you'll notice that such cravings will continue to rise throughout the day.

Often times, people find it difficult to curb their cravings. On this, experts recommend to change  your eating habits, and eat less but, frequently. Doing so will help keep your blood sugar level stable and your body’s need for a swift sugar fix.

Experiment on living sugar-free for at least 3 days and if you can, your cravings will die down. Why? Because your taste buds will make the necessary adjustments. Still, if you can't and all other strategies fail, then it's time you try Hypnotherapy South Australia to end your sweet tooth.

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