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3 Unbelievable Real-Life Superpowers

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The concept of superpowers has been around since the birth of the superhero genre in fiction, and over the years, the list of powers has grown. From the usual elemental control (control of earth, water, wind, or fire), to shape shifting, to the more sinister darkness control, there's quite a range.

It may be surprising to know that there are some powers with honest-to-goodness real-life counterparts. Mind control, for example, has often been equated with hypnosis, since both involve the mind. Hypnosis to stop drug addiction Adelaide and to address other concerns isn't exactly rare, though.

So, here are a few more examples of superpowers, and the surprising individuals who wield them. 

1. Enhanced senses. Sharpshooter Hawkeye uses perfect marksmanship to always hit the bulls-eye, and Wolverine uses his sharp nose and hearing to his advantage when on the move or in battle.

In real life, some senses become stronger to compensate for one that is suddenly lost. Human echolocation, which is similar to how dolphins and bats navigate and find prey, is one instance. Daniel Kish may be the most well-known user, and he teaches blind teens how to safely navigate their surroundings using echolocation.

2. Enhanced physical abilities. Super-strength, super-speed, super-endurance – these are just a few of the possible physical abilities that get to go superhero.

Dean Karnazes, author of the book Ultramarathon Man, is the real-life icon for super-endurance. He began running for fun, and has since gone on to garner a number of achievements. These include running a marathon in all 50 states of continental America in 50 consecutive days.

Isao Machii from Japan has trained so well in iaido (the art of drawing a sword from its scabbard, cutting an object, then re-sheathing the sword) that his reflexes are super-human. He can anticipate precisely where something will be, and reacts accordingly. That's as good as super-speed.

3. Body temperature control. It has many potential applications, such as raising another person's temperature or lowering it to lethal levels.

Wim Hof, frequently nicknamed the Iceman, holds several world records dealing with cold. He says he uses his mind to turn on an inner thermostat. It sounds similar to using hypnosis and quit smoking Adelaide to overcome addiction – mind over matter, in other words.

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