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5 Ways to Overcome Binge Eating – Naturally

Overeating now and then is fine – we all do it. Maybe you just have to have that second slice of turtle cheesecake. Or you absolutely love your aunt's mashed potatoes with herb gravy. Whatever it is, the occasional indulgence is fine. But for binge eaters, eating more than they should is a regular thing.

There are different reasons why binge eaters turn to food, even if they feel like they're stuck in a downward spiral. Coping with stress, bad thoughts or emotions are usually the trigger for a food binge, and that's definitely not topping the list of healthy habits for the new year Adelaide.

Binge eating can be seen as another type of addiction, but the 'drug' in this case is something you need to survive. So, how can you form a healthier relationship with your food in order to overcome this kind of eating disorder?

2015 New Year Health Goals Adelaide
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1. Keep an eye on your stress levels. Stress is the biggest reason for people turning to comfort food and binge eating. Look for alternate ways to bust stress, like meditation, going for a run, dancing it out, even listening to your favourite music.

2. Eat breakfast. Eating breakfast jump-starts your digestive system, and helps to perk up your mood. The better you feel at the start of the day, the less chances you'll reach for a sugar-loaded snack later.

3. Fight boredom. Some binge eaters turn to food to fill in the empty space in a day, so this can be remedied by finding something to do when you're bored. Read a book, play a video game (you need 2 hands, so you can't shovel food into your mouth), or go for a walk.

4. See no evil, eat no evil. In this case, the 'evil' refers to your favourite foods to binge on. Keeping them out of sight, or, better yet, not buying them at all, will help curb your appetite for them. Stock the fridge or pantry with healthy alternatives, like nuts and fruit.    

5. Don't think of dieting. If you see it as depriving yourself of food, you're more likely to binge later on unhealthy snacks (chips, soda, sugary-sweet cake, etc.). Instead, find health tips for the new year in Adelaide and elsewhere that focus on good nutrition. Listen to your body when you eat, and stop when you really feel full.

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