Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fictional Characters in Need of a Therapist

They say that fiction follows reality, and even fantasy fiction has certain elements based on real-world principles. The same can be said of TV, movie, or game characters, not just in prose.

For instance, a character can be suffering from a physical or a mental disorder. Sometimes, getting over say, a bad past, can be more difficult than learning how to easily quit smoking Adelaide. So, here's a short list of fictional characters who may just need to see a therapist.
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1. George Darling. Maybe you don't remember Wendy's dad in Disney's “Peter Pan”, but he had some anger management issues. One wrong word, one misplaced smile, and he was likely to explode. Let's just hope he did see a psychiatrist at one point, or childhood couldn't have been enjoyable for the kids.

2. Bella Swan. Self-image issues and complete willingness to sacrifice herself? Talk about a huge vulnerability to dangerous relationships. Barring the series' ending, she could have done well with at least cognitive behaviour therapy to counter her negative thoughts.

3. Harry Potter. Who wouldn't have even a mild form of post-traumatic stress disorder after seeing one of the most powerful Dark wizards murder a schoolmate in front of his eyes? Talking with a mentor had helped some, true, but if Harry had been in the Muggle world, recovering from seeing Cedric Diggory's death may have taken much longer.

4. Cloud Strife. At the very least, he has a dissociative identity disorder, what with him being fooled into thinking he was his best friend. Add to that his short-lived amnesia, and the fact that he wasn't able to save the same friend from a horrible death, among other issues. It may take more than a few sessions before he recovers.

5. Kingdom Hearts cast. Where do you even start with this crossover between Disney and Square Enix? There's Aqua, who wasn't able to save her two best friends from their fates. Then protagonist Sora, who was entrusted with the fate of the whole in-game world, goes through the Mastery exam but apparently doesn't pass. 

Even if they did go for therapy, keeping in mind tips for a healthy new year Adelaide, the Organization XIII members alone would need about 6 months, maybe longer. The whole “you're not supposed to exist” thing itself is a large enough barrier to deal with.

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